Attendance Figures

Good attendance and punctuality are essential if children are to do their best in school. We monitor these carefully and where there is a cause for concern we will ask the Educational social worker to visit a family and offer support so that the children can attend regularly. Please let the school know if your child is ill, by a phone call on the first morning of their absence. New regulations require us to mark your child’s absence as unauthorised if we are not informed of the reason for the absence. Although this may seem harsh children are less likely to truant when they are older if they are used to parents and schools checking absences.

Illness, hospital, doctors and dental appointments, and other exceptional circumstances are the only valid reasons for full days’ absences. While forms for holidays during term time can be submitted to the Head Teacher these would only be permitted in the most extenuating circumstances, as stipulated by DfE regulations. Other absences, including holidays during term time, are unauthorised and will be recorded on pupils’ annual report. (Children are sometimes absent due to family or other difficulties, if this is so please see the Headteacher).
IN KEY STAGE 1- if your child is to be picked up by anyone but their parents then please let the class teacher know at the beginning of the day. If it is a person whom the class teacher does not know they will need a note from you identifying them and authorising the pick up.

Lateness disrupts the whole class and the office. Children should be in their classrooms between 8.50 and 9.00 am. However if you sleep in please bring your child late, rather than let them miss a whole day.

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