Base for Children with Vision Impairment

At Sunnyside there is an additional resourced provision for children with a vision impairment. All children who attend the base are fully integrated into mainstream classes and have additional specialist support to help them access learning through skills such as braille, life skills and mobility.

Each child has timetabled sessions with our Qualified Teacher of Children with Vision Impairments (QTVI).  These sessions support their access to learning in the classroom.  Within the class, children have access to a range of adaptations to help them access the curriculum, from modified curriculum materials, raised work boards, electronic magnifiers through to Perkins braillers and electronic braille note takers. We have a number of specialist teaching assistants working in class, who are able to adapt class resources or make as tactile as appropriate.

The children who access the base take part in tailored tennis sessions with a specialist coach.  These sound tennis sessions enable the children to play a competitive sport that is specifically adapted for children with vision impairments.

Each week, all the children meet up together for a special assembly specifically designed for them.  We invite visitors who can share their experience of having a vision impairment, we cook and bake and the children have fun with craft activities.

We work closely with the Peripatetic Service for children with a vision impairment (The Sensory Teaching and Advisory Resource Service) and access a range of events and activities aimed at promoting independent life skills.

Our children come from across the four boroughs of the Tees Valley area and are transported to school as required.

There are two secondary bases for children with a vision impairment, The King’s Academy and Northfield School and Sports College in Billingham.

We liaise with charitable organisations such as Action for the Blind and Useful Vision to help ensure our children are able to access as wide a range of activities as possible.

If you would like to arrange a visit or have a chat about our provision, please contact Mrs Milburn (QTVI) on 01642 596422.