At Sunnyside Academy we realise the important role that we play in preparing your child for adult life. We aim to teach all children basic skills in English and Mathematics whilst helping them to develop emotionally, physically and socially. We aim to do this in a happy and interesting way. We understand that children learn successfully when well-motivated.​ Success, enjoyment and interest all motivate children. When they experience success children feel good about themselves and gain the confidence to apply themselves to new learning. We give our children the opportunity to succeed in many different aspects of school life. Success is acknowledged and celebrated in many ways.​ Any pupil identified as having additional needs is the shared responsibility of all staff, parents and the Governing body. Our policies and procedures for SEND are followed by all members of staff. Sunnyside is proud to host three Local Authority Specialist Resource Bases. A Higher Needs Base (HNB) for up to 25 pupils (Y3-Y6) with identified learning needs, and up to 58 Sensory Base Places for pupils Rec-Y6, who are Deaf or Hearing Impaired and those who are Sight Impaired and Severely Sight Impaired. These places are applied for through the Local Authority and further information is enclosed within our Base Place Admissions Policy. ​​ We provide access to a Breakfast Club and have activities after school and work in partnership with external providers to help us offer wrap around care.

If you would like any information on our SEND provision please download the documents linked below.

Admissions – Resource and Base provision updated Sept 2019

SEN Information Report October 2018

SEN Information Report September 2019

Sen Policy October 2018

SEND Graduated Response

Or you can contact our SEN Coordinator, Mrs R Rathmell on 01642 596422 or by clicking here for the  the contact page

Middlesbrough’s Local Offer supports children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities aged 0–25 and their families.

It’s for:

  • children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), aged from birth to 25 years
  • parents, carers and families
  • professionals

Visit the Local Offer website for information on education, health and social care services, leisure activities, money and benefits, and more.