Our HeadStart team with current and new members and Middlesbrough Council Chief Executive Tony Parkinson. Our mental health champions have just been awarded their ASDANeducation HeadStarter Bronze awards. They’re the first people in the U.K. to complete an award like this that is dedicated to young people’s mental health! @HeadStart_Boro


What is HeadStart? 

The ultimate aim of this positive programme is to support the national focus on improving emotional health and wellbeing for young people.

Student Council

It is a range of approaches that will bring about the following outcomes:

  • Young people are better able to cope in difficult circumstances and do well in school and in life.
  • Building resilience that helps to prevent the onset of common mental health problems.

Learning from different approaches and strategies to develop confidence.
Sunnyside Academy has now commenced this programme and approaches across the school. It includes the following:
* A dedicated pastoral team
* Emotional resilience training for all staff
* Access to pupil and family support service – REACH
* E Safety Ambassadors
* Play therapy
* Drawing therapy
* Opportunities for pupils to talk
* Circle Time
* Pupils who are trained as Headstarters


Headstart Ambassadors
Within Sunnyside we have allocated 8 pupils to the role of Headstart Ambassadors.

Headstart Ambassadors

The role involves listening to other children, supporting children within the classroom and playground with any emotional issues. The Head start Ambassadors act as a Buddy for the children within school. Training and support will be given by Headstart staff
The Headstart ambassadors will be allocated their own yellow lanyard which signifies their role as a Headstart Ambassadors.


E-safety Ambassadors
We have 11 E-safety Ambassadors within Sunnyside.

E-Safety Ambassadors


They will be alongside Mr Boddy and our pupils in school to ensure safe and secure use of IT, including social media. They will be role models for their peers in its use.
The E-Safety Ambassadors will be given training and will wear yellow lanyards.

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