Senior Leadership Team

Staff Name Position
Mrs Sutton Headteacher, Child Protection
Mrs Hall Deputy Head, Teaching and Learning
Mrs Rathmell Assistant Head – SEND/HNB Leader
Mrs Kelly Assistant Head – Assessment/Pupil progress
Miss Powell Academy Business Manager


Teaching Staff

Staff Name Position  
Mrs Craggs KS1 Leader  
Miss Craster KS2 Teacher  
Miss Donovan SCB Teacher (Teacher of the Deaf)  
Mrs Denis SCB Teacher (Teacher of the Deaf)  
Mrs Enderwick EYFS leader  
Miss Lister KS2 Teacher  
Miss Maughan KS2 Teacher  
Mrs Milburn QVTI, Visual Resource Base Lead  
Miss Moore SCB Teacher (Teacher of the Deaf)  
Miss Morgan HNB Teacher   
Miss Newbold KS1 Teacher  
Miss Quinn SCB Teacher (Teacher of the Deaf)  
Ms Rafiq EYFS Teacher  
Mrs Reed KS2 Teacher  
Mrs Runcieman-Smeaton SCB Teacher (Teacher of the Deaf) Sensory Communication Base Lead  
Mrs Smith-Hodgson KS1 Teacher  
Mr Young KS2 Teacher  


Teaching Assistants

Staff Name Position
Mrs Alexander VI Assistant
Mrs Asif VI Assistant
Mrs Barnfield KS2 Assistant
Miss Bell HI Assistant
Mrs Bloom EYFS Assistant
Mrs Bramwell EYFS Assistant
Mrs Buckley HNB Assistant
Miss Charlton HNB Assistant
Mrs Clapton HI Assistant
Miss Coleman HI Assistant First Aid Lead
Miss Craig HLTA Lower KS2
Mrs Crosby KS2 Assistant
Miss Kirwan VI Assistant
Miss Donaldson VI Assistant First Aid Lead
Mrs Duffy HI Assistant, Deaf Counselling
Mrs Emsley VI Assistant
Mrs Farnaby VI Assistant
Miss Garrity VI Assistant
Mrs Patterson HI Assistant
Miss Heard KS2 Assistant
Mr Jackson HLTA Upper KS2
Mrs Kamara HNB Assistant
Mrs Kilner VI Assistant
Mrs Lipthorpe HLTA EYFS
Ms Makin HI Assistant
Miss Moorhead EYFS Assistant
Mrs Nettle HI Assistant
Miss O’Connor KS1 Assistant
Mrs Oostdijck KS1 Assistant
Mrs Palmer-Dove HI Assistant
Mrs Pearson SHLTA HI
Mrs Profitt HNB Assistant
Mrs Puttick VI Assistant
Mrs Richards HI Assistant
Mrs Roberts HI Assistant
Mrs Speight HI Assistant
Mrs Staples HI Assistant
Mrs Still HI Assistant
Mrs Thomas KS2 Assistant
Miss Whitehead KS1 Assistant
Mrs Wilson VI Assistant
Mrs Williams HI Assistant


Support Staff

Staff Name Position
Mrs Speak Administrator
Mrs Foulger Parent Support Advisor
Mrs Geddes Administrator
Mr Gregory Sports Lead
Miss Howell Pastoral Support Officer
Miss Keegan Administrator
Mr Payne Site Manager
Miss Singh Administrator
Mrs Thornton SEN Inclusion Officer and Specialist Teacher


Midday Supervisors

Staff Name Position
Miss Bielby MDS
Mrs Cartwright MDS and Breakfast Club
Mrs Cook MDS
Mrs Glazebrook MDS and Breakfast Club
Mrs Green Senior MDS and Breakfast Club
Miss Hamilton MDS
Mrs Harris MDS
Mrs Hatfield MDS and Breakfast Club
Mrs Heard MDS
Mrs Johnson MDS and Breakfast Club
Mrs Luscombe MDS and Breakfast Club
Miss May MDS
Ms Mohamed MDS
Mrs Seaman MDS
Mrs Trice MDS
Mrs Relph MDS
Mrs Wood MDS


Local Authority Speech and Language Staff

Staff Name Position
Mrs Barlow Speech Therapist
Mrs McPartland Speech Therapist
Mrs McKenna Speech Therapist
Mrs West Speech Therapist
Mrs Woods Speech Therapist
Mrs Brown Mobility Officer